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Remedial Massage Therapy for People & Pets!


2 Sisters Massage Clinic is a local family owned and operated business, serving the residents of Townsville and surrounding areas since 2011.
Our mission is to provide a true healing experience for people and their pets through certified remedial massage therapy.We are committed to helping people and animals alleviate their pain and discomfort due to injury or chronic pain through remedial massage, Reiki, acupressure, and dry needling.
We have certifications in numerous areas of massage and therapeutic techniques and welcome people from every walk of life. We are an inclusive business and support everyone’s right to be who they are. Each person that walks through our doors is given compassion, respect, and are treated like they are part of our family!
For the ultimate in stress relief, we provide a total relaxation experience via a soothing hot stone massage or Reiki treatment. With our healing hands, you will truly feel your stress melt away!
For people who enjoy a more active lifestyle, we are certified in sports massage to alleviate pain from muscle pulls or strains, injuries, and pain due to chronic afflictions.
If you were injured in an automobile accident, we can ease the pain ranging from minor discomfort to neck, back, and bodily injuries. We provide remedial and therapeutic massage to car accident injury victims, helping you to regain your mobility and live pain-free.
If your pet is in need of rehabilitation due to a car accident, suffered an injury, or has otherwise experienced a traumatic or stressful situation, we provide in-home pet massage service for comfort and to lessen your load. We do this for a very reasonable fee to help ensure your pet receives the care he or she deserves!

About Us


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